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While attempting to filet Catfish or any other fish, it is important to get the process started correctly.  A good sharp limber filet nice does the best for me.

Place the knife just behind the gill and cut down to the bone with a slight curve motion toward the tail.  This will establish the knife along the bone.

Once established along the bone, hold the knife at a slight angle (be careful not to cut through the bone) and move the knife along the bone to the tail.  Do not cut the filet completely off the fish.  Stop just before cutting the filet off.



Flip the filet over.  Again with the same smooth curve motion cut into the filet while picking up slightly with the left hand and slide the knife along, still at a slight angle to cut the filet from the skin.

Do not rush the process, just let the knife do it's job.



Take the filet, and with a good sharp knife cut the rib cage from the filet.  Again use a slight curving motion to save as much of the filet as possible.

Let's Eat!!!



With a sharp knife cut along the gil from below the fin to the top of the fish (use caution not to cut all the way through the meat of the fish, cutting the skin is all that you are trying to do.  Do this on both sides of the fish.



Cut along the edge of the fin on both sides.  Cutting just past the fin is enough.  The purpose of this is so the skin will pull away easier.  If you do not make this cut the skin will attempt to pull over the fin which makes it harder on you.

With your fish skinners pinch the skin at the top just beside the top fin and pull the skin toward the tail.  If it breaks just reach and pinch some more.



It should skin easier if you pull down toward the tail in a straight motion.  If you pull out and down it works but it's just not as smooth.

Once you have the fish skinned, with your skinners you can pull the bottom fin from the fish if you want.  Some do and some don't.



With your knife make cuts in the fish about 1 to 1 1/2" apart.  This will make the fish fry quick and be easier to pull from the bone to eat.  Again some do this and some don't

Let's eat!!!



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