Fishing Reports

Dec 7

Largemouth Bass good early on River2sea  Double Plopper Buzzbait and River2sea Bonga Minnow in back of coves.   Later good on wacky rigged sungill Zoom  Trick Worm or  Ultravibe speed craw in Killer Dawn.   Also good on 3:16 4 or 5 inch  Mission Fish or 1 1/2 Krockodile Spoons  in 15-20 on major lake points. 

Smallmouth good on Strike King Swim Jig  rigged with a Keitech Fat Impact  over rock piles in 15-20 ft

Crappie:  Good on live minnows around structure. 

White Bass:   Excellent trolling a  umbrella rig rigged with Keitech Easy Shiner  in 30-40 ft   Also good on vertical jigging a Sebile Fast Cast Jigging Spoons in 30-40 ft

Striper:  Good look for  topwater action under the bird using a Rive2sea whopper plopper,  and River2sea Bonga Minnow.   Also good on downrigged

Luhr Jensen silver pet spoons or Blue Fox Bangs in 20-40 ft.  Also good vertically jigging a Sebile Fast Cast, 1oz Luhr Jensen Krockodile spoon or 5 in 3:16 Mission Fish

Channel and Blue catfish:  Good on Shrimp dipped in blood bait or fresh cut shad.  Also good on CJ’s Crawdad Punch bait.

Yellow  Cat :  Slow due to water temperature.