Fishing Reports

Dec 28

Smallmouth good on Strike King Swim Jig  rigged with a Keitech Fat Impact  over rock piles in 15-20 ft

Crappie:  Good on live minnows around structure. 

White Bass:   Excellent trolling a  umbrella rig rigged with Keitech Easy Shiner  in 30-40 ft   Also good on vertical jigging a Sebile Fast Cast Jigging Spoons in 30-40 ft

Striper:  Good look for  topwater action under the bird using a Rive2sea whopper plopper,  and River2sea Bonga Minnow.   Also good on downrigged

Luhr Jensen silver pet spoons or Blue Fox Bangs in 20-40 ft.  Also good vertically jigging a Sebile Fast Cast, 1oz Luhr Jensen Krockodile spoon or 5 in 3:16 Mission Fish

Channel and Blue catfish:  Fair on Shrimp dipped in blood bait or fresh cut shad.  Also good on CJ’s Crawdad Punch bait.

Yellow  Cat :  Slow due to water temperature.