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Story Behind The Site

Fishing is one of the world’s most entertaining, challenging, and family-friendly sports. But even the best of fishing lovers do not like to be thrown overboard when they’re on the water.

I have seen many fishing being sold on the market today are guaranteed to give out to you in the middle of the river. Newbies always fall into a trap by the outlook, as they don’t know much about features and performance. That is why I wanted to help fellow fishing by providing in-depth reviews of fishing accessories and fishing-related resources, and that’s how canyonlakefishing.com/  born!

Who am I?

We are fishing lovers and creators of this canyonlakefishing.com/

Fishing is ” in my heart” – it has been around me for as long as I remember, from my grandfather to my father, who were both avid fishers. They passed that passion on to me, and ever since I was childhood, fishing has been my main hobby.

To share my passion, I created Canyon Lake Fishing as an outlet where I can share my personal experience and knowledge with fellow fishers.

Though a relaxing hobby, fishing can be rather intimidating for beginners due to all the different techniques, gear, and such.

I will do my best to share some information with you’ll to help you get started.


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