Top 6 Best Saltwater Fly Reel For The Money

Reading through our article will let you know which aspect makes a reel the best saltwater fly reel for the money. There are also some suggestions for you.

Fishing is now one of the most popular hobbies for relaxing. However, it is not just hooking, lining, and sinking. There are lots of things a good fisherman must do before starting their fishing trip. Getting the best saltwater fly reel for the money is one of those.

However, there are so much is why we make this article.

Why Do You Need A Saltwater Fly Reel?

It is unnecessary to look for high-end fly reels if you intend to fish in freshwater only. However, when it comes to saltwater fishing, the question “what is the best fly reel for the money?” becomes relevant. 

Saltwater fishes are much stronger than their freshwater counterparts. Thus, anything but the best value saltwater fly reel will have a higher chance of breaking.

Also, most saltwater fly reels have some sort of anti-corrosion features. Corrosion is not a huge deal in freshwater, but it can destroy your reel quickly in saltwater zones. That is why you should look for a high-quality saltwater reel.

Best Saltwater Fly Reel For The Money

#1. Waterworks-Lamson 1.5 Silver Guru Fly Reel – Best All-Around

A relatively new face in the world of fishing equipment, Waterworks-Lamson has quickly built a reputation on its consistent quality. The best example of this standard is the Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II 1.5 Silver Fly Reel.

best fly reel for saltwater


The Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II 1.5 Silver Fly Reel is the best all-around.

First of all, thanks to being made from high-quality 6061 aluminum, this fly reel is huge yet still lightweight. Another benefit of this specific type of aluminum is that it is highly resistant to saltwater. Therefore, it is not an overstatement to say that it is indeed the best saltwater fly reel.

Of course, if the superior material is the only thing it has going, it shouldn’t be called the best all-around. There is also an interesting design choice that the manufacturer has decided on. The disc design is both durable and sturdy enough to withstand strong saltwater fishes but much easier to use.

Thanks to this disc design, you are also able to retrieve the line quite quickly. Anyone who has gone fishing before knows just how much pain the line retrieval process can be. Thus, we believe that all fishermen, especially saltwater ones, will appreciate this feature.

We do want to specify that this fly reel does have some weaknesses. However, none of them is too much of concern aside from the weird way the drag operates. This issue is not that noticeable, but it will stop you from free spooling.


  • 6061 aluminum and stainless steel material
  • A conical disc drag system
  • Fly line weight varying from 3 WF to 10 WF 


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Quick line retrieval


  • Bad for free spooling

#2. Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel – Best Saltwater Fly Reel For Versatility

The Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel is the only option capable of serving you on both saltwater and freshwater. We think it is worthy of being called the most versatile fly fishing reel on this list. You should not look down on this feature, as it can save you quite a lot of effort.

best saltwater fly reel for the money


The Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel is the most versatile.

The main reason making this reel capable of working in both types of water is its material. Instead of the usual aluminum, this fishing reel is made from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. Obviously, this material also has some additional benefits, like being lightweight and strong.

To add to this versatility, this reel also has a total of four available sizes. Therefore, there is always at least one Rise fly reel usable, no matter which fishing technique you want to utilize.

Another feature that stands out is the drag knob, which has an ergonomic design and a suitable size. With this knob, you can quickly grasp the reel and control it without worrying about it not fitting in your hand. Its ease of use can significantly increase your chance of catching the fish.

While it can certainly be used on saltwater, this reel does have a glaring weakness related to this fishing environment. Due to the drag system not being sealed completely, there is a chance that sand or grit can infiltrate the reel. If they are not washed properly, the reel can rust.


  • Machined Aluminum material
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation
  • Amber color


  • Highly versatile
  • Four available size options
  • Ergonomic drag knob


  • Drag system not fully sealed

#3. Goture Waterproof Fly Fishing Reel – Best Saltwater Fly Reel For Value

The Goture Waterproof Fly Fishing Reel is undoubtedly the most affordable choice on this list. However, you should not underestimate it based on its low price. From a cool design to incredible functionalities, this reel checks all the boxes.

best saltwater fly reel for the money


The Goture Waterproof Fly Fishing Reel offers the most value for its price.

Having a drag system utilizing the newly developed 2+1 BB system means this reel performs consistently throughout the whole drag. This system implies the combination of a one-way bearing system and two ball bearings. Using this system improves both drag and spool.

Adding to this design is the precision-machined brass gear, which boosts immediate drag engagement significantly. With this kind of drag capability, you can quickly reel in small and medium fishes, no matter how hard they fight back.

Also, this fly fishing reel is among the easiest to take care of, as it has a fully-sealed drag system. So, the damage from sand or grit is limited to a minimum. 

In the case that you do need to clean the interior, you will find that this reel is straightforward to take apart. Thanks to the components being screwed together, it only takes seconds to finish uninstalling.

There is a reason justifying the low price of this reel, which is its durability. All the other options can handle all kinds of fishes for a long time; this one can’t. At most, it can reel in medium fishes forcefully without breaking.


  • Aluminum material
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation
  • Stainless steel bearings


  • Most value for the money
  • Easy to take care of
  • Good drag


  • Low durability

#4. Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel – Best Power

True to its name, the Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel does boast a special kind of stopping power. We believe that if it’s only stopping power, then this reel can surpass even the Ross Reels Animas Saltwater Fly Reel. No fish, regardless of their strength, can fight with this reel.

best value saltwater fly reel


The Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel has incredible stopping power.

The main reason for such a powerful stopping capability lies within this reel’s unique die-cast construction. Thanks to being built this way, the reel is very tough, vital in stopping the fish. After all, a flimsy reel will break easily, so there is no stopping power to talk about.

Furthermore, this reel’s dragging process is quite smooth, contrary to what its appearance suggests. We believe the cause of such smoothness lies in the oversized, adjustable drag knob. With this knob, you can easily switch between different drag modes to get the most suitable.

Despite usually being overlooked, the grip area is essential in fish reeling, especially if you’re reeling big fishes. In this aspect, the Redington BEHEMOTH’s creator did a great job with an ergonomic, soft-touch grip area. This grip will also give you the most accurate feedback.

You do need to keep in mind that the trade-off for power is generally a huge weight. Despite its creators lessening the weight as much as possible with smart designs, this reel is no different. It is still heavy and hard to control.


  • Carbon material
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation 
  • Fly fishing line type


  • Powerful stopping power
  • Uniquely sturdy construction
  • Smooth dragging


  • Heavy

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#5. Piscifun Platte Fly Fishing Reel – Best Saltwater Fly Reel For Arbor

The Piscifun Platte Large Arbor Fully Sealed Fly Fishing Reel has the most impressive arbor that we have seen. Its arbor is not just huge; it also has an impressive concave design that improves both backing as well as fly line. This feature can be a good start for people with less experience.

Best Arbor


As it made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the Piscifun Platte fly reel is very sturdy. This kind of sturdiness is incredibly important if you want to have a successful fishing experience. Moreover, this specific aluminum alloy can resist corrosion from saltwater.

Besides, this fly fishing reel has a wholly sealed carbon and stainless drag. For this reason, it is practically impervious to sand, water, and grit, needing virtually no maintenance. All you need to do after fishing with this reel is gently rinse it with water.

The drag knob of this reel operates on a click basis, providing repeatable and accurate drag settings. Also, the reel has an aggressively designed diamond knurling placed right on the drag knob. As a result, it is very to grasp and adjust this fishing reel while battling the fish.

The only issue that we were able to determine within this reel is its weight. While not as heavy as the Redington BEHEMOTH fly fishing reel, this product is still on the heavy side. Due to this reason, it can be hard to balance the reel on a lighter fly rod.


  • Aluminum material
  • Left-hand orientation
  • Black color
  • Fly fishing line type


  • Sturdy
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy maintenance


  • Relatively heavy

#6. Ross Reels Animas Saltwater Fly Reels – Best Premium Option

If it weren’t for the price, the Ross Reels Animas Saltwater Fly Reels would have topped this list. That is why we want to recommend it to people who have no budget problem. In other words, this saltwater reel is the best premium option.

Best Premium Option


The biggest advantage that this fly reel holds over its competitors is the buttery smooth drag system. Once you have experienced its dragging process, we doubt that you can be satisfied by other clunky reels again.

Moreover, this product also has quite an incredible stopping power, which is vital for saltwater fishing. We all know just how hard saltwater fishes can fight back, so stopping power is imperative. Most of the time, having this reel means the difference between a successful catch and a failed one.

There is also the line pick-up process, which can be quite frustrating if you uselower quality reels. The case is completely different for this item, as its huge and smartly designed arbor can improve the speed significantly. You will also have virtually no tangle.

As we have mentioned above, there is only one issue within this otherwise perfect fishing reel, its price. To be more specific, this reel can cost double most of the options here and quadruple the most affordable one. Its quality, however, does make a strong case.


  • Aluminum material
  • Ambidextrous color
  • Fly fishing line type


  • Incredible stopping power
  • Smooth drag system
  • Large arbor


  • Expensive

What Makes a Good Saltwater Fly Reel?


There are many things a reel needs to have to be considered the best saltwater fly reel for the money. Of those, we rate reliability as the most imperative. 

A quick drag system or huge arbor means absolutely nothing if your reel just broke.


Not all of us have an unlimited budget, so price should always be something to take seriously. There is no way that it can be reasonable to use a huge sum on just a reel. After all, our focus here is to look for the best saltwater fly reel for the money.


The best fly reel for saltwater will always be made from a corrosion-resistant material. For the most part, it’s aluminum, as this material is both strong and lightweight.

Arbor Size

A large arbor means a much faster line retrieval post-casting. You don’t need to turn the arbor as much if it is big enough, meaning you can focus more on fighting your whopper.


With this article, we hope that you now know enough about the vital aspects of fishing reels. You should keep in mind that reliability is always the first thing to look for.

We recommend the Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel as the best saltwater fly reel for the money. The main reason for this decision is its interesting design choice. Naturally, the high-quality material plays a huge role, too.

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